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Why Neublts?

This is rather a better explanation than I'd originally thought it would be. It started out as the first Neublts post (under the old layout) and has now been moved over to category intro. So here's the question: Why "not entirely unbloglike things?" The idea for the name came to me pretty much at random, but it was implemented because it fits. I'll try to explain. (No-one is required to agree with my explanation, but if you've read this far, well why not at least read it)

Not entirely
While unbloglike should make it clear that this isn't a blog, these two words act as a sort of buffer to the ubloglikeness implied. I have listed the qualities that aren't shared with blogs below, but there are similarities as well. One notable likeness is the content. Like a blog this page is mainly about me "talking" across the void of the world-wide-web on the off chance that random people (or family members) will "listen".
The most important word (that's why it gets three letters in the acronym). It's not like a blog (weblog to the uninitiated) because of several reasons. It doesn't use common blogging technology, just "hand-written" HTML, and at this point no option is offered to comment on items. More to the point a "log" (whether web or other) suggests a certain regularity of updates. No captain on Star Trek has ever uttered somehting along the lines of: "Captains log, stardate who the hell cares". While I will do my best to at least remember to date each entry, I don't think I'll manage any sort of regularity.
Things pretty much speaks for itself, and was drafted partly because "not entirely unbloglike" lacked something as a phrase. It's a fairly broad categorisation of what may be found on this page, which should mean very little will go uncovered. Most of the time this page will just be me talking, but who knows, I may decide to put on other "things" as well.

So there you have it, the explanation of the neublts. It's taken up more space than I thought it would, but since this page is currently completely empty that's not much of a problem. At least it can be very sincerely doubted that anyone could accuse me of not being thorough. I could after all have summed this page up in seven words: "Musings and ramblings and thoughts, oh my!" But that little Wizard of Oz parody just didn't work for me somehow.

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