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I'm making this site, in part, for what Bill Clinton has called the worst possible reason: I can. The space currently used is included in my existing contract with my ISP, so I thought I might as well use it. I also quite like playing around with the actual coding of the site, HTML and CSS to get things to work the way I want them to. In some ways the site's content was the most difficult thing to decide, but I think I've managed to find a satisfactory mix.

As you can see, if you're the sort of person that looks up the meta-tags of websites (this page in particular) I use Bluefish as my HTML editor. I think the tag-name "generator" is somewhat inaccurate, since I only use it as an editor in a very literal sense, but still it serves me well. It runs on posix compatible operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS-X (to name but three).

Finally I'd like to thank a certain someone (she knows who she is) for helping me check compatibility with MSIE, saving me any number of reboots from Linux to the operating system that must not be named.

Speaking of the devil (MSIE) it may block the ActiveX content used to generate background transparency, depending on your settings. You can still view the site with this blocked, altough it looks much better (or I hope it does) with everything working. I'd rather not use the ActiveX, if truth be told, but MSIE is not (at this time) compatible with semi-transparent PNG files. Other browsers, such as Mozilla (Firefox) or Opera should handle the transparency without any trouble (and don't use ActiveX to begin with).

Finally copyright: all rights to the content are reserved (follow the Copyright link at the bottom of the page to read more) but anyone is welcome to look at the source for the site (the HTML and CSS files) to figure out how it was made to look the way it does. That's one of the techniques I used to figure out how things work when I was building the site.

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