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For those who want to know more about me there is a section of obligatory about me stuff lower down on this same page. The rest on this site should hopefully prove more interesting.

Fully: Not entirely unbloglike things. The name mainly speaks for itself, I wouldn't necessarily call any of the contents of this page Blogs in the traditional sense, but they do share certain features with blogs.

As you may have discovered (or be about to discover) further down this page: I write. So I've decided to devote a section of this site to writing as well.

The opposite number of the writing section, this is about what I read, have read or am planning to read. Who knows, I may even start 'talking' about the act of reading as such.

I've been a full-time Linux user for a while now and I enjoy playing around with it. This category will contain reviews when I try a new distro and other Linux tid-bits as the occur to me.

I originally considered making this a part of the reading category, but since that already has enough to deal with, much more than enough potentially, I've decided to separate other media. This can include anything, but should mainly deal with music, visual media and some computer stuff.
Latest Updates
2005 December 15
  • Writing Little Bits Of Plotting (or how I made it through NaNo)
  • Describes a technique I used to plot my way out of trouble during NaNo. One of things that allowed me to reach 100k words.
2005 October 31
A completely new site layout, an added Linux category and new category introductions on the category page.
2005 October 14
  • Linux SUSE 10.0 OSS - Not For Me
  • My first Linux related item. A review of/story of my experiences with SUSE 10.0 OSS. Not entirely positive as the title suggests.
  • Writing Battening Down The Hatches For November
  • My thoughts about (and preparations for) one of the greatest writing events of the year.
2005 October 08
  • Neublts The Long Silence
  • Why this site has been quiet for quite a while, and why that's going to change.
2005 March 28
  • Writing Background Work
  • The work 'behind' the actual writing, I'm doing it right now, but that's puzzling me.
2005 March 23
  • Neublts Bad Legislation
  • Some of my views about the 'Schiavo Law' and why it's bad to legislate for a single case.
  • Media Nothing... Nothing... Three At Once
  • Why do interesting TV programmes move in tightly knit groups, arriving at the same time?
2005 March 20
  • Neublts Why Neublts
  • Explaining the title of the neublts.
  • Reading Caveat Lector
  • Things you should watch out for when reading, on this site or off.
The obligatory about me stuff

First of all let me start by welcoming you to my little part of the worldwide web. At least that's kept me from writing the 'about me' paragraph for a couple of dozen words. I'm not sure what exactly to put here at this point and not convinced anyone cares. If you're reading this chances are that:

  1. you know me, or
  2. you don't care that you're reading a stranger's opinions.

In a way I suppose the 'about me' stuff really matters as little as I think it does. Most of it, perhaps all of it, should become clear as you read these pages. Never the less I'll give you a few facts, just in case you actually want to know (or don't have anything better to do).

First of all, I'm from the Netherlands, from which it follows that I'm Dutch. (Dutch is also my native language, though this site is exclusively in English at this point). I'm a student, currently in my fourth and (hopefully final) year. My area of study is the law, especially constitutional law (and administrative law to some extend). Constitutional law, in the Netherlands, is not an area for practicing law. Article 120 of the Dutch constitution actually prohibits judges from judging laws by the constitution. I currently hope to go into research once I graduate.

Beyond my 'day job' as a student I write fiction, in English though it's not my native language. I haven't been published (so far), but I'm trying to polish some of my writings to the point where I'll be confident enough to try to get them published. On the flip side of this I'm also a reader. I wouldn't call myself a big reader at this point. I'm trying to read more, but I guess I already do read more than most people. More to the point I really enjoy reading.

The fiction I write is mainly science-fiction and fantasy right now, a preference that's also likely to be reflected in reading and media. I'm a fan as well as a writer, of if you will: a consumer as well as a supplier. And with that remark we've come to the end of "me in a nutshell".

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