The Long Silence
2005 October 09 16:03 CET

Well it's been quite a while since I last did anything with the site. This is partly because I was doing other things, but mainly because I wasn't sure about some aspects of it. I also wanted to add some ways to get feedback, should some hypothetical visitor feel like giving any. These have now been added, guestbook and mailform.

Part of the problem may be that when I started the site content was almost secondary as a consideration. I enjoyed designing and building it quite a lot, but to some extent building and designing almost became ends rather than means.

So now that I've decided to liven things up again it's coincided with a decision to broaden the subjects I'll be writing about. For one thing I'll be including more computer stuff, especially Linux stuff, in the site. I think this will go under media for now, though I may make it a seperate category at some point. The current structure of the site will probably have to be changed anyway if it grows (and I hope it will), but for now that's in the future. Adding the guestbook and mailform is enough changes at once. I just hope they'll work, I'll be uploading them together with this post.

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