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I'm An Addict

It's strange but it's true. I'm addicted to writing. Granted there aren't any of the problems associated with substance abuse or other more conventional addictions, but it's still true. I can cut back, in fact I've written far to little this year as of the time of this writing (late October 2005) but I can't not write. It would be far more difficult for me to quit writing then it was just now to leave that double negative alone.

Ideas aren't the problem for me when writing, I have any number of plot-bunnies lying around that could turn into books relatively quickly. (At least books in the sense of having been written, real printed books in bookstores will have to wait until I find a publisher) The problem is generally time. Time and energy to be precise. I have to have the time to write and the energy to sit down and just let the words flow. Though it's an oddly passive process most of the time I find I can't do it as well as usual when my mental energy is low.

Official NaNoWriMo 2003, 2004 & 2005 Winner

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