Nothing... Nothing... Three At Once
2005 March 23 11:00 CET

I've been looking through the TV listings for tonight and the title pretty much sums them up. There's nothing on I'd want to see after MASH (currently being re-re-rerun here in the Netherlands) which lasts until 19:25 or so. Then at 20:30 Shakespeare in Love will be on (a film I wouldn't mind seeing, though I'm not dying for it either). But at 21:00 (while Shakespeare in Love will still be going) the sluice-gates open. There's A Touch Of Frost on one of the Dutch channels, What The Ancients Did For Us on the BBC and Sex B.C. (aka Sex Lives Of The Ancients) on Discovery Europe. That makes four possible programmes to watch, three starting at exactly the same time, and only one VCR.

The VCR is actually easy to decide. I've been taping all episodes of What The Ancients Did For Us so far and I'm not planning to stop now. Shakespeare in Love isn't really a priority, so I might be able to drop that from the list (and probably will) but that still leaves me Sex B.C. and A Touch Of Frost. I won't make a decision until tonight, unless I suddenly remember definitely having see this episode of A Touch Of Frost before. Even then I may end up not watching Sex B.C. at all, but it is ironic that virually everything interesting tonight is programmed in a total space of 2 hours and 20 minutes (Shakespeare in Love starts 20:30 & A Touch Of Frost ends 22:50), with all four of them overlapping between 21:00 and 22:00.

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